access laser cutting robot arm

Zhejiang punch equipment, pneumatic presses, professional manufacturers (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods, to achieve the purpose of high-quality Welding Roller Stand, high-speed series of punch The ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering. IPM Pneumatic Press uses high pressure gas generated by the compressor to send the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipe 3D CNC Drilling Machine, and the action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the work and return of the cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank, ready to access laser cutting robot arm, so the motor is not idle energy waste. Punch professional manufacturer – IPM, trusted!

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