customized alarms to the ones already in the control system

‘detectable’ Creating macro alarms means just adding customized alarms to the ones already in the control system

One ba sic rule ap plies to all custom gen er ated alarms – they should be im ple mented by a macro

pro gram only un der one con di tion – when ever an ad verse sit u a tion is pre dict able The pur pose of

all alarms is to ter mi nate the cur rent pro gram ac tiv ity and force a change in the cur rent con di tions,

what ever they may be

Alarms in Macros

Macro can in clude a pro grammed alarm (also known as an angle machine in ten tional er ror con di tion), us ing

the sys tem vari able #3000 The vari able #3000 must be fol lowed by an alarm num ber, with an

op tional mes sage

busbar Machine

Alarm Number

De pending on the con trol system, the alarm num ber can be within a range of:


0 to 200 and more

for FS-0/16/18/21 controls


0 to 999

for FS-10/11/15 controls

The alarm num ber se lec tion is at the pro gram mer dis cre tion, sub ject to con trol spec i fi ca notching machine tions

Alarm Message

Alarm must have a num ber, but the alarm mes sage is op tional Pro gram ming a de scrip tive mes –

sage will in form the CNC op er a tor about the cause of the alarm Alarm mes sage must be in the

same block as the alarm num ber, en closed in pa ren the ses, and it can be up to 26 angle shearing machine char ac ters long

(31 char ac ters on some con trols), in clud ing spaces Its con tents should be clear, with out am big u –

ous mean ing For ex am ple,


is an ambiguous message


is a clear message

If the mes sage is pres ent, both the alarm num ber and the mes sage will ap pear on the screen

when the alarm is tripped If the alarm mes sage is not pres ent, only the alarm num ber will ap pear


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 14

Alarm Format

The macro O8012 il lus trates the ac tual ap pli ca tion of a macro alarm that checks the in put of an

as signed vari able ( ie, ar gu ment R, as sign ment #18) Macro will c

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