access laser cutting robot arm

December 26th, 2016

Zhejiang punch equipment, pneumatic presses, professional manufacturers (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods, to achieve the purpose of high-quality Welding Roller Stand, high-speed series of punch The ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering. IPM Pneumatic Press uses high pressure gas generated by the compressor to send the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipe 3D CNC Drilling Machine, and the action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the work and return of the cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank, ready to access laser cutting robot arm, so the motor is not idle energy waste. Punch professional manufacturer – IPM, trusted!

Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch

December 26th, 2016

Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch in Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch in At present, the domestic market demand for high-end CNC machine tools to increase the frequency of new CNC machine tools. CNC punch with CNC control system, according to the needs of the processing method can be arbitrarily set the slider movement and speed. According to changes in the market, the future development direction of China-made CNC machine tools are expected to have the following models. 1, screw-type CNC punch Servo work machine is the use of AC servo motor through the screw drive slider, forming the bottom dead center position can be read by the device to provide data to the position control device control. Therefore, mechanical thermal expansion and elastic deformation will not affect the accuracy of the product, adjust the most appropriate way to move the slider and in very small units to control the bottom dead center position. So for high-precision high-performance non-cutting forming screw servo punch hydraulic motor and energy storage device for torque control in the form of the bottom dead center position control can be achieved micron level, is to save energy and environmental requirements of the models . 2, crankshaft servo punch Crank press and AC servo motor combined with the NC punch. This punch is used to replace the original servo servo motor on the clutch brake and flywheel. This punch has a slider movement mode can be arbitrarily set the characteristics of the servo punch, at the same time with the general mechanical punch in Figure 3, the torque characteristics. But its working energy in the low-speed area will not be reduced. 3, double-action forming punch Double-action forming is a powerful tool without cutting. In the cold forging of the occlusion forging is an example, by controlling the number of punch, die action and time chart to achieve the purpose of controlling the plastic flow of material. The accuracy and formability of the product can be improved, and the number of processes can be shortened. Double-action forming rough can be divided into two categories: emphasis on the versatility of the press using the double-action mold of the complex-forming; multi-species production with easy assembly and disassembly mold complex punch forming. Recently, not only in the forging process, while the sheet metal forming and forging the diversification of complex forming and the ability to improve at the same time Angle Steel Punching Machine, requires not only punch with multi-action performance, must also have high versatility. 4, occlusion forging punch Star-shaped round and cross-shaped joint has been widely used forging forming mold and general forging press forging.

The mold structure has a blocking function and coordination function. Other die-saving closed-die forging presses can be divided into two categories: these functions are all in the press and the upper and lower cylinders on the punch and coordinate the body in the mold base in two forms. 5, sheet forging punch With the popularity of forging sheet metal forming hole punching machine, forging presses can be required to deep drawing or shorten the number of projects, requiring the slider and the table must be with cylinder. The original block forging almost all of the high-capacity atmospheric pressure action, sheet metal forging in addition to requirements and the law corresponding to the normal pressure action, but also with the order of action, self-locking and other functions. 6, gear forming punch Double – action hydraulic press for screw gear forming. This press has a total of two sliding drive band saw, the slider within the 2, the table 2, a total of 5 drive all the use of a hydraulic drive device. The initial stage of the forming process is the same as that of the inner ring forging of the normal pressure ram type, and the punch is inserted into the cavity space of the die in the block, and the material starts to flow from the bottom to form an initial shape. In this state, the core is raised, and the diameter of the mandrel in the center of the material is made thinner. At this time there is a new part of the workpiece diameter space, can produce a new plastic flow, so increase the pressure of the material can be filled with the tip of the tooth position. With this method of processing products, processing pressure is only 1300Mpa, tooth-shaped Department of the angle of collapse and hair assassination minimal. The gears formed by the control of the material flow by the double-acting forming can reach JIS3 ~ 4, which is very close to the high value cutting without cutting.

curse-oriented punching machine for Head

December 26th, 2016

Heyuan punch Drilling Machine for H beam, quality and cheap IPM punch, precision punch Heyuan Punch Please go to the IPM punch, I Division in the punch sales, maintenance services as one of the major manufacturers after repeated comparison that the most trusted punch. Precision presses to maintain the accuracy of eccentric load by the center distance of the two pillars Support, in the eccentric load, slider load side of the rigidity and accuracy of the column and curse excellence. The guide way is a double column for curse-oriented punching machine for Head, the length extends to the material line position, can directly accept the horizontal component of processing, to high-speed high-precision machining. IPM production of precision punch with: stable operation 3D CNC Drilling Machine, security, high precision, processing automation, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. IPM punch quality and cheap, welcome customers to buy. More precision punch press information, please visit:

precision press contact us straightening machine

December 26th, 2016

Jiangmen professional precision presses, punch manufacturers, precision punch prices (15T-500T) processing, Jiangmen press equipment-IPM manufacturers and has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment, and a full set of advanced physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced equipment The quality of control means to achieve the ERP busbar punching machine, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering drill machine online, with rapid response to market demand resilience.

Precision punch press eccentric load to maintain the accuracy of the center distance by the expansion of the two guide pillars in the eccentric load, the slider load in the column of rigid and precision and curse excellence. The guide way is a double column for curse-oriented, the length extends to the material line position, can directly accept the horizontal component of processing, to high-speed high-precision machining. Please click on the price of precision press contact us straightening machine.

The structure and working flow of precision punch press clutch

December 9th, 2016

Precision punch mold is in fact, we usually can not do without one of the production equipment, large sail to the spaceflight, small to Riyongbaihuo, are inseparable from the mold of the production and processing, and close to 95 percent of the processed parts are more High-temperature die forging iron punching machine, and the temperature of up to 300 degrees. After injection molding cnc drill machine, stretching, smelting, stamping and other methods to obtain the desired shape of goods. Because of the special shape of precision punch mold, so can not use special insulation materials to heat insulation, resulting in the mold in the heating process has a lot of heat loss, heat loss is severe, the punch mold itself is very serious. Mold a lot of heat loss, not only directly add the cost of production, but also because of the frequent replacement of punch die to form infinite economic losses, thus high-temperature insulation coating came into being.

Precision punch eccentric shaft design, the intensity is much larger than the general crankshaft design boring machine for sale, can withstand greater capacity output and difficult to deformation. Center-guided pillar and slider-guided, are coated alloy just after quenching and tempering grinding precision machining. Precision Punch Computer numerical control system, easy to operate panel, punch automation is the best configuration. Manual mold height adjustment, equipped with mold high indicator, precision 0.1mm. Precision press hydraulic slider locking device to maintain the same mold height to ensure product accuracy requirements.

Performance Advantages and Trends of Precision Punches

December 9th, 2016

Precision punch in the slide rail, to consider the production efficiency needs of high production efficiency, the slider stop at the bottom dead point only a moment; for the plate material rebound phenomenon can not be suppressed cnc busbar bender, the traditional approach is An additional nitrogen cylinder in the mold, and then by an experienced master in the test when the fine-tuning to achieve the desired results. Servo press can control the bottom dead center residence time, effectively enhance the bottom dead time, to control the forming quality of the results, so the recent slide stamping, has begun to consider the import.

Processing efficiency advantages The traditional system has pneumatic clutch brake, in addition to the need to maintain the operating system; the other clutch, brake maintenance is also a major project Structural Steel Fabrication. There is no clutch brake servo punch, simple structure, relative to reduce this part of the maintenance. Servo punch press known as a new generation of punch, but most customers only for its energy saving (standby servo motor for the stationary state) to understand, and its performance advantages compared to steel frame precision punch is often unknown CNC angle mark, co-forging machinery As a professional manufacturer of punch, here to our customers to do a detailed description: In terms of the punching efficiency of the rails; 32 is already the end of the steel frame type structure precision punch; however, for the servo punch, but it is the starting point; the future to enhance the potential of punching unlimited.

Mold life advantage Precision punching punching or general materials such as cutting punching, the upper die of the pressure plate to suppress the material and the next mold, punch contact materials and punch cut material, will be the impact of noise or overshoot vibration. Control of cutting speed processing, you can reduce the noise and vibration punching, qualitative, the lower the processing speed, the punching shear noise and vibration smaller. The servo punch can adopt the processing mode of fast approaching workpiece and slow start processing, which can reduce the vibration and reduce the cutting noise effectively. This control can only be achieved if the servo punch.

How long does it take for a precision punch to change the mold?

December 6th, 2016

Precision punch precision testing is an important part of the punch factory test CNC angle mark, here we give customers to C2N series – double crankshaft precision steel frame punch precision test table as an example for customers to show, so that customers at a glance, really buy the rest assured. If customers need other types of punch precision test table, please contact our customer service and obtain directly.

Punching process, the first by the ring plate, die, punch and back plate compression material; then punch punching force applied punching, when the pressure and anti-pressure material should remain unchanged, continue to compress Blanking; blanking the end of the slider back, the precision punch is not synchronized to provide unloading force and the top pieces of force to achieve the discharge and the top pieces CNC H-Beam Drilling. Precision punch press force and back pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of specific parts fine blanking process within a certain range, so to achieve the three fine blanking action beam drilling and sawing lines, providing the best choice for five forces – precision punch. While the IPM precision punch for one of the king, it is recommended.

Precision punch pipe connections

December 6th, 2016

Precision punch press for the pneumatic clutch brake, the main punching power, driven by the main motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the momentum generated, so in the actual operation process, stable, clean gas source is to ensure precision Punch stable performance of the fundamental busbar punching machine. In the actual installation process, first close the air supply air shutoff valve, the punch air pipe and the air supply pipe connected Roller Stand, and then supply 0.5-0.7MPa of compressed air, with special attention to punch air pipe must be from Pneumatic piping at the back of the press (pipe diameter: 1 / 2B) is shown in the following table. The required air pressure is 5kg / c㎡ drilling machine. But the distance from the air source to the assembly location must be within 5 meters.

After the connection is completed, first of all, try to output air, check a part of the pipe there is no dust and sewage water retention, this can not be ignored, unclean, stagnant air will cause the solenoid valve malfunction, cylinder rust, Can easily lead to punch safety incidents. Next, switch the main valve and install the air intake port in the air connection hole.

Punch Machines mold installation steps

November 14th, 2016

Punch machines mold installation steps:

1) Before installation should confirm the mold edge strange, no collapse of the die edge, no punch. If the collapse or missing angle, please blind her small edge.

If the aircraft die burr or waste, will cause blanking the super-bad burr.

4) adjust the slider to the proper fame, stamping die, you must ensure that the handle or die in the slider level fitting plane, press the plate gently press the screw. Then, the upward adjustment slider, strangling the silicon steel sheet focus.

Then, aggressively adjust the slider to eliminate the center of the silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower plate screw, adjust the slider, until the punch die from 3 to 4, the screw clamp down. New mold must enter 3 ~ 4, otherwise, will collapse or stamping die cracks. The new mold must enter 3 to 4, otherwise, it will collapse or stamping mold cracks.

5) Slide outside the first dead point position, adjust the punch rod set screws, elastic appropriate, and reactive several times, observe the modeling and punch mechanism is normal. If there is no exception, you can change the production.

The accuracy of punching die installed in all punching punching accuracy, the master should master.

Present Situation and Trend of Research on Press Machine at Home and Abroad

October 20th, 2016

At present, all kinds of punch at home and abroad and manipulation of research has become a hot research, research status and trends are as follows:

1. Modular and reconfigurable development of the mechanical structure of the press. Such as the connection block of the servo motor, reducer, the trinity of the detection system; by the joint module, connecting rod module reconstruction of the robot model.

2. Industrial Punch Control System PC-based open control direction, the purpose of standardization, network; equipment integration, the control cabinet has become smaller and smaller, and modular structure; greatly improve the system reliability, can be Operability and maintainability.

3. Punch, becoming an increasingly important function in the sensor, in addition to the traditional sensors, such as position, speed, acceleration, assembly, welding robots are also used in sensors such as visual, force sensing and remote control robots use visual, sound, Such as multi-sensor fusion technology, decision-making and control; multi-sensor fusion configuration technology has become a key technology of intelligent robots.

4. Welding, handling, assembly, cutting industrial presses, presses and other products of standardization, versatility, modularization and a series of research operations; dynamic simulation and off-line programming and teaching system.

In general, the main direction in two directions: one is the smart punch, sensors, controllers, advanced control algorithms, complex mechanical and electrical control systems; the second is with the production and processing to meet industrial robots, high performance / price Compared with the specific tasks, the main use of modules to meet the work requirements, the pursuit of economic, simple, reliable, extensive system based on the secondary industrial control, market-oriented, modular components.