After the purchase of punch press how to install the delicate operation

October 10th, 2016

Users in the procurement of punch after the fine punch on how to pursue the placement operation? Some customers in the purchase of precision punching ranging from our side arrangements for technicians to install their own directly to the test. If you have to deal with the installation of the press when the contrast is clear, then you may wish to install their own, but if you buy the punch time for the punch associated with the knowledge is not very understanding, and even the punch is nothing, we recommend You do not simply operate, the fact that the development of the new installation has a certain urgency, if the operation is good, then good, if installed improperly damage the operator equipment damage is not good. Also in order to defend the work of this kind of work, we briefly introduce how to punch on a simple installation:
What is the installation method of punching machine?

1, precision punching equipment manufacturers through the production of cargo to the user’s hands in the future punch manufacturers, users in the box, the packing list should be based on inspection of accessories and fragile parts are complete, and the punch should be placed in a dry place for three to four days , To disassemble the motor and electrical installation of moisture, if necessary, the use of facial measurements to check whether the electrical broken gas is outstanding, indeed.

2, precision punch correction degree, install the anchor bolts, care of concrete (a cement one-third gravel) in the square hole, until the concrete after the start of a strong aggregate agitation.

3, according to the base map (Note: to allow manufacturers to provide in advance) pouring a good foundation, to be solidified base, the press firmly placed in the above, with a level meter check the level of the press service table, the length of each 1OOO mm fault Not more than 0.3 mm.

4, the installation is complete, the kerosene will press the surface rust oil rinse, cleaning, do not destroy the details of the paint surface, while cleaning the oil hole, oil and oil cups, cleaning to stop the use of metal or emery cloth. Pro should check whether the grounding wire is connected.

If the installation process or punch in the process of trying to unintentionally surfaced, please promptly pull down the emergency power switch. So that the equipment is very stable down slowly, and then listen to instructions for installation to try, if not, then please contact with the punch manufacturers in a timely manner so that Zhengzhou punch manufacturers timely arrangements for staff on-site questioning the investigation.

Analysis on the Development Trend of Punch in Future

October 7th, 2016

At present, there are two kinds of machine tools and CNC machine tools. With the adjustment of industrial structure. Various types of machine tools to adapt to market demand, the development trend is significantly different. At present, the domestic demand for high-end CNC machine tools continue to increase, there are certain mechanical punch changes.

The development direction of the basic characteristics of mechanical presses and developed in recent years for a variety of molding high-precision multi-function punch technology. Forging punch selection, production crankshaft punch selection; if billet forming the pursuit of punch selection switch; if you need to form or block forged link presses choose a high position. In order to achieve non-cutting shape, the punch function is getting higher and higher. Stamping machinery is the development trend of high precision, high rigidity, the right slider movement characteristics, intelligent, multi-directional movement, and even the direction of environmental protection.

There are two basic characteristics of the punch press machine, which is rigid, including the longitudinal stiffness, the slider, the hog and elastic elongation table, the slider and the lateral displacement under the influence of lateral stiffness and eccentric load. The movement of the slider, including straightness, verticality, parallelism, the accuracy of the product has a great impact.

High Stiffness and High Performance Universal Punch. The first general-purpose machine punch also the pursuit of high-precision, high-performance, developed a gantry punch; link drive mechanism and the near-bottom dead and the rod-type punch effect is very slow. The crankshaft link between the pinion gear and the two eccentric interventions, when the transmission gear rotates, the crankshaft does not move due to the change in the angle of the connecting rod.

Universal mechanical punch because the connecting rod is baroclinic in the slider makes a lot of bad slider lateral force. Therefore, the precision of the driving method is higher than that of the general driving method, and is more suitable for high-precision machining. 5 mm above the location of the general toggle-type slider slide lateral force accounted for about 10%, forming force and vertical rod-type punch does not exceed 1%. The punching machine applicable to the middle and lower die of the high, medium and low processing requirements. The drive mode and the drive are almost zero for the side force slider, but the stroke can be done much more than in the higher position, and the bottom dead center does not change much at all.

The advanced performance of flat drilling machine

October 5th, 2016

Plane drilling technology in constant change, performance has also been improved, advanced surface drilling machine mainly in three areas, namely, high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence.
1, high precision: flat drilling machine is designed for the steel processing industry, computer control and management of machine tools designed. Drilling, the more critical hole positioning by the computer control for automatic, accurate and fast positioning .
2, high efficiency: the plane drilling machine controlled by the computer, the drilling speed is at least four times the artificial; In addition, the design of the two exchangeable workbench, drilling and loading and unloading can make the workpiece at the same time, eliminating the loading and unloading The auxiliary time of the workpiece.
3, high intelligence: the user can in a very short period of time to complete the programming of the machine; program is short, some parameters for the machine without the need to deal with users; also has a self-test, you can automatically complete all the work.

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September 28th, 2016

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