Performance Advantages and Trends of Precision Punches

Precision punch in the slide rail, to consider the production efficiency needs of high production efficiency, the slider stop at the bottom dead point only a moment; for the plate material rebound phenomenon can not be suppressed cnc busbar bender, the traditional approach is An additional nitrogen cylinder in the mold, and then by an experienced master in the test when the fine-tuning to achieve the desired results. Servo press can control the bottom dead center residence time, effectively enhance the bottom dead time, to control the forming quality of the results, so the recent slide stamping, has begun to consider the import.

Processing efficiency advantages The traditional system has pneumatic clutch brake, in addition to the need to maintain the operating system; the other clutch, brake maintenance is also a major project Structural Steel Fabrication. There is no clutch brake servo punch, simple structure, relative to reduce this part of the maintenance. Servo punch press known as a new generation of punch, but most customers only for its energy saving (standby servo motor for the stationary state) to understand, and its performance advantages compared to steel frame precision punch is often unknown CNC angle mark, co-forging machinery As a professional manufacturer of punch, here to our customers to do a detailed description: In terms of the punching efficiency of the rails; 32 is already the end of the steel frame type structure precision punch; however, for the servo punch, but it is the starting point; the future to enhance the potential of punching unlimited.

Mold life advantage Precision punching punching or general materials such as cutting punching, the upper die of the pressure plate to suppress the material and the next mold, punch contact materials and punch cut material, will be the impact of noise or overshoot vibration. Control of cutting speed processing, you can reduce the noise and vibration punching, qualitative, the lower the processing speed, the punching shear noise and vibration smaller. The servo punch can adopt the processing mode of fast approaching workpiece and slow start processing, which can reduce the vibration and reduce the cutting noise effectively. This control can only be achieved if the servo punch.

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