precision press contact us straightening machine

Jiangmen professional precision presses, punch manufacturers, precision punch prices (15T-500T) processing, Jiangmen press equipment-IPM manufacturers and has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment, and a full set of advanced physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced equipment The quality of control means to achieve the ERP busbar punching machine, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering drill machine online, with rapid response to market demand resilience.

Precision punch press eccentric load to maintain the accuracy of the center distance by the expansion of the two guide pillars in the eccentric load, the slider load in the column of rigid and precision and curse excellence. The guide way is a double column for curse-oriented, the length extends to the material line position, can directly accept the horizontal component of processing, to high-speed high-precision machining. Please click on the price of precision press contact us straightening machine.

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