Precision punch pipe connections

Precision punch press for the pneumatic clutch brake, the main punching power, driven by the main motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the momentum generated, so in the actual operation process, stable, clean gas source is to ensure precision Punch stable performance of the fundamental busbar punching machine. In the actual installation process, first close the air supply air shutoff valve, the punch air pipe and the air supply pipe connected Roller Stand, and then supply 0.5-0.7MPa of compressed air, with special attention to punch air pipe must be from Pneumatic piping at the back of the press (pipe diameter: 1 / 2B) is shown in the following table. The required air pressure is 5kg / c㎡ drilling machine. But the distance from the air source to the assembly location must be within 5 meters.

After the connection is completed, first of all, try to output air, check a part of the pipe there is no dust and sewage water retention, this can not be ignored, unclean, stagnant air will cause the solenoid valve malfunction, cylinder rust, Can easily lead to punch safety incidents. Next, switch the main valve and install the air intake port in the air connection hole.

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