Present Situation and Trend of Research on Press Machine at Home and Abroad

At present, all kinds of punch at home and abroad and manipulation of research has become a hot research, research status and trends are as follows:

1. Modular and reconfigurable development of the mechanical structure of the press. Such as the connection block of the servo motor, reducer, the trinity of the detection system; by the joint module, connecting rod module reconstruction of the robot model.

2. Industrial Punch Control System PC-based open control direction, the purpose of standardization, network; equipment integration, the control cabinet has become smaller and smaller, and modular structure; greatly improve the system reliability, can be Operability and maintainability.

3. Punch, becoming an increasingly important function in the sensor, in addition to the traditional sensors, such as position, speed, acceleration, assembly, welding robots are also used in sensors such as visual, force sensing and remote control robots use visual, sound, Such as multi-sensor fusion technology, decision-making and control; multi-sensor fusion configuration technology has become a key technology of intelligent robots.

4. Welding, handling, assembly, cutting industrial presses, presses and other products of standardization, versatility, modularization and a series of research operations; dynamic simulation and off-line programming and teaching system.

In general, the main direction in two directions: one is the smart punch, sensors, controllers, advanced control algorithms, complex mechanical and electrical control systems; the second is with the production and processing to meet industrial robots, high performance / price Compared with the specific tasks, the main use of modules to meet the work requirements, the pursuit of economic, simple, reliable, extensive system based on the secondary industrial control, market-oriented, modular components.

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