program segment using intentional alarms The following example shows the saving

program segment using intentional alarms The following example shows the saving Drilling Machine for Plate of

the cur rent state of G-codes (Group 3) at the be gin ning of the macro, and re stor ing it at the end:


#10 = #4003

Current G90 or G91 saved

busbar Machine

IF[#4 LE 0] GOTO1001

IF[#11 LT 2] GOTO1002

IF[#11 NE FUP[#11]] GOTO1003

G90 X#24 Y#25

< macro body processing 锟?>


Unconditional bypass of alarm list

N1001 #3000 = 101 (HOLE SPACING TOO SMALL)



N9999 G#10

Previously saved G90 or G91 restored



Many macro pro gram mers do not use alarms at all or use them rather poorly When writing a

macro, write it first with out the alarms When ev ery thing works, try to pre dict what type of er rors

are pos si ble later, when the macro is ac tu ally used Then add all alarms cov er ing these sit u a tions

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 14

Resetting an Alarm

When a macro alarm is gen er ated, it will have an ac cu rate resemblance to an alarm gen er ated by

the con trol sys tem in non-macro applications Typ i cally, this is the se quence of events:

1 CYCLE START light will be turned off

2 The word ALARM will flash on the screen

3 Alarm number and message (if available) will appear on the screen

At this mo ment, the con trol sys automatic punching machine tem has stopped all op er a tions To get rid of the alarm, press the

RESET key The source (the cause) of the alarm has to be removed, so make sure all tool po si tions

are cor rect, then press the CYCLE START key to run the macro again, this time with out an alarm

Message Variable – Warning, Not an Alarm

The sys tem vari able #3006 punching machine is only avail able on FS-10/11/15 con trols – it al lows the pro gram –

mer to is sue a mes sage in the macro, with out cre at ing an alarm con di tion Think of the mes sage

vari able as means of is su ing a warn ing, rather than an alarm A mes sage (warn ing) can be used in

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