Punch Machines mold installation steps

Punch machines mold installation steps:

1) Before installation should confirm the mold edge strange, no collapse of the die edge, no punch. If the collapse or missing angle, please blind her small edge.

If the aircraft die burr or waste, will cause blanking the super-bad burr.

4) adjust the slider to the proper fame, stamping die, you must ensure that the handle or die in the slider level fitting plane, press the plate gently press the screw. Then, the upward adjustment slider, strangling the silicon steel sheet focus.

Then, aggressively adjust the slider to eliminate the center of the silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower plate screw, adjust the slider, until the punch die from 3 to 4, the screw clamp down. New mold must enter 3 ~ 4, otherwise, will collapse or stamping die cracks. The new mold must enter 3 to 4, otherwise, it will collapse or stamping mold cracks.

5) Slide outside the first dead point position, adjust the punch rod set screws, elastic appropriate, and reactive several times, observe the modeling and punch mechanism is normal. If there is no exception, you can change the production.

The accuracy of punching die installed in all punching punching accuracy, the master should master.

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