Punching Machines boring machine price

Haizhu punch, pneumatic punch cnc ring machine, Haizhu Longmen punch IPM Press Factory is a professional manufacturer of Pneumatic Presses, Guangzhou Punch Presses and Guangzhou Longmen Punching Machines boring machine price. We can design the throat depth according to the customers’ requirements. It is one of the largest punching machine sales enterprises in Guangzhou angle notching machine. The strength of the company is that the pneumatic punch presses are well received by the industry and major Customers of praise.

The use of the most advanced casting technology, the whole structure is stable; system micro-electronic control to prevent the second punch, double protection; micro-control punching intensity, machine damage to the minimum aluminum; double-acting single-pressure air clutch, safe and low noise ; Slider with six-oriented, and enhance the service life of the mold. Welcome to inquire: info@ipmmc.com

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