Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch

Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch in Talking about the Development Trend of Domestic CNC Punch in At present, the domestic market demand for high-end CNC machine tools to increase the frequency of new CNC machine tools. CNC punch with CNC control system, according to the needs of the processing method can be arbitrarily set the slider movement and speed. According to changes in the market, the future development direction of China-made CNC machine tools are expected to have the following models. 1, screw-type CNC punch Servo work machine is the use of AC servo motor through the screw drive slider, forming the bottom dead center position can be read by the device to provide data to the position control device control. Therefore, mechanical thermal expansion and elastic deformation will not affect the accuracy of the product, adjust the most appropriate way to move the slider and in very small units to control the bottom dead center position. So for high-precision high-performance non-cutting forming screw servo punch hydraulic motor and energy storage device for torque control in the form of the bottom dead center position control can be achieved micron level, is to save energy and environmental requirements of the models . 2, crankshaft servo punch Crank press and AC servo motor combined with the NC punch. This punch is used to replace the original servo servo motor on the clutch brake and flywheel. This punch has a slider movement mode can be arbitrarily set the characteristics of the servo punch, at the same time with the general mechanical punch in Figure 3, the torque characteristics. But its working energy in the low-speed area will not be reduced. 3, double-action forming punch Double-action forming is a powerful tool without cutting. In the cold forging of the occlusion forging is an example, by controlling the number of punch, die action and time chart to achieve the purpose of controlling the plastic flow of material. The accuracy and formability of the product can be improved, and the number of processes can be shortened. Double-action forming rough can be divided into two categories: emphasis on the versatility of the press using the double-action mold of the complex-forming; multi-species production with easy assembly and disassembly mold complex punch forming. Recently, not only in the forging process, while the sheet metal forming and forging the diversification of complex forming and the ability to improve at the same time Angle Steel Punching Machine, requires not only punch with multi-action performance, must also have high versatility. 4, occlusion forging punch Star-shaped round and cross-shaped joint has been widely used forging forming mold and general forging press forging.

The mold structure has a blocking function and coordination function. Other die-saving closed-die forging presses can be divided into two categories: these functions are all in the press and the upper and lower cylinders on the punch and coordinate the body in the mold base in two forms. 5, sheet forging punch With the popularity of forging sheet metal forming hole punching machine, forging presses can be required to deep drawing or shorten the number of projects, requiring the slider and the table must be with cylinder. The original block forging almost all of the high-capacity atmospheric pressure action, sheet metal forging in addition to requirements and the law corresponding to the normal pressure action, but also with the order of action, self-locking and other functions. 6, gear forming punch Double – action hydraulic press for screw gear forming. This press has a total of two sliding drive band saw, the slider within the 2, the table 2, a total of 5 drive all the use of a hydraulic drive device. The initial stage of the forming process is the same as that of the inner ring forging of the normal pressure ram type, and the punch is inserted into the cavity space of the die in the block, and the material starts to flow from the bottom to form an initial shape. In this state, the core is raised, and the diameter of the mandrel in the center of the material is made thinner. At this time there is a new part of the workpiece diameter space, can produce a new plastic flow, so increase the pressure of the material can be filled with the tip of the tooth position. With this method of processing products, processing pressure is only 1300Mpa, tooth-shaped Department of the angle of collapse and hair assassination minimal. The gears formed by the control of the material flow by the double-acting forming can reach JIS3 ~ 4, which is very close to the high value cutting without cutting.

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