The advanced performance of flat drilling machine

Plane drilling technology in constant change, performance has also been improved, advanced surface drilling machine mainly in three areas, namely, high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence.
1, high precision: flat drilling machine is designed for the steel processing industry, computer control and management of machine tools designed. Drilling, the more critical hole positioning by the computer control for automatic, accurate and fast positioning .
2, high efficiency: the plane drilling machine controlled by the computer, the drilling speed is at least four times the artificial; In addition, the design of the two exchangeable workbench, drilling and loading and unloading can make the workpiece at the same time, eliminating the loading and unloading The auxiliary time of the workpiece.
3, high intelligence: the user can in a very short period of time to complete the programming of the machine; program is short, some parameters for the machine without the need to deal with users; also has a self-test, you can automatically complete all the work.

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