The structure and working flow of precision punch press clutch

Precision punch mold is in fact, we usually can not do without one of the production equipment, large sail to the spaceflight, small to Riyongbaihuo, are inseparable from the mold of the production and processing, and close to 95 percent of the processed parts are more High-temperature die forging iron punching machine, and the temperature of up to 300 degrees. After injection molding cnc drill machine, stretching, smelting, stamping and other methods to obtain the desired shape of goods. Because of the special shape of precision punch mold, so can not use special insulation materials to heat insulation, resulting in the mold in the heating process has a lot of heat loss, heat loss is severe, the punch mold itself is very serious. Mold a lot of heat loss, not only directly add the cost of production, but also because of the frequent replacement of punch die to form infinite economic losses, thus high-temperature insulation coating came into being.

Precision punch eccentric shaft design, the intensity is much larger than the general crankshaft design boring machine for sale, can withstand greater capacity output and difficult to deformation. Center-guided pillar and slider-guided, are coated alloy just after quenching and tempering grinding precision machining. Precision Punch Computer numerical control system, easy to operate panel, punch automation is the best configuration. Manual mold height adjustment, equipped with mold high indicator, precision 0.1mm. Precision press hydraulic slider locking device to maintain the same mold height to ensure product accuracy requirements.

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